About the book

This is a children’s parable adapted from conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh.

It is a sweet and simple story of how a little soul is born on earth and is taught some of the most valuable lessons of life as a little baby by her guardian angel — Melvin.

Written in a simplistic fashion and filled with illustrations, the author has introduced some basic life lessons in an uncomplicated and easy manner.

Who is it for ?

Parents and children.

Key takeaways

1. God only created heaven. Heaven is everywhere you go, especially on earth. Earth is one of the most beautiful places in heaven.

I met a couple the other day with a young boy who had an elder sister. In conversation, it somehow got relayed that the little boy enjoys playing with dolls and not balls or cars etc.

As soon as I heard these words uttered, I sensed the discomfort sifting through a few people in the room.

I later sat pondering. I am not sure whether the discomfort lies in the archaic and limiting beliefs of what boys must and must not play with or is it a more deep rooted fear that such activities would incline the child towards a…

By Vishen Lakhiani

About the book

I had thoroughly enjoyed “the code of the extraordinary mind” by Vishen Lakhiani. This is the second book by the same author. It provides some fabulous insights and tools to built the right ethos within team members in a company. But I wouldn’t shy away from taking some techniques from the book for myself too.

The rich experience of the author from the varied kinds of people he has met and interacted with, reflects in the pages of the book. Its not a heavy read by any standard. …

Part III

Below is the audio and transcript for the (spiritual) forgiveness meditation.

Forgiveness meditation (spiritual)

Close your eyes

Take a deep breath

Feel yourself relax

Quite your inner chatter with every breath you take

I. Now think about the people who have hurt you or troubled you in any way

Imagine them in front of you

Smile back at them

Fold your hands in gratitude

I acknowledge that you are a different soul. The time and pace of evolving maybe different for each soul. Spiritual evolution is a long process that progresses on its own pace and may cause…

By Neale Donald Walsch

About the book

When I picked up this book, I didn’t know what to expect. What would conversations with God be like ?

It is a book for keep sake. It’s a book that you can go back to, during different phases of your life to answer the questions that plague you about life. Written in a rather modern and contemporary dialogue, this book feels fresh. It gets heavy in spurts, and there are places where you may need to re-read certain paras. …

Part II

Yes, indeed. We need to forgive, if we want to be physically and mentally healthy.

Forgiveness is associated with several benefits such as improved psychological well-being, physical health and longevity. It serves as a protective factor that buffers against poor health and psychological conditions.

Now here’s what happens to your physical body biologically when you get angry:

1. Every time we get angry, our body produces a chemical (“ Crazy Chemical “ — apologies for not recalling the scientific name) that goes up in number.

2. The Crazy Chemical enters our cells, further into our DNA and begins…

As the name suggests, it is a book relayed in a question answer form. Simplistic questions yet awfully thought provoking. This book is soothing to the soul. Many of the answers will leave a lingering smile on your lips or will make you think long and hard. The author has a knack for words and his vulnerability oozes through in the pages. He isn’t perfect, neither does he preach to be. He just leaves us pondering over the many seeds he sows in our hearts and minds along the way with his words. His way of writing seeps into your…

It seems inexplicable for me to be able to relay my true emotions on the concept of forgiveness.

But I will surely try.

Forgiveness came into my life like a cool, soft morning breeze that soon turned into a gushing wind coursing through my being with such conviction and finality that called out to me — “This is it. You have had your first breakthrough”.

It changed the course of my life and the relationships around me, now feel more attuned to peace and contentment. …

The power and reach of your thoughts on your body, mind and soul is far beyond what you actually think. With research dating back to the 1800’s, this book inspires you and makes you believe that your destiny can be so easily moulded by just training your subconscious mind. We are capable of achieving anything and everything by just learning to unravel the riches of our minds.

Key takeaways:

1. Your mind is like a garden, you are a Gardener and you are planting seeds (thoughts ) in your subconscious mind all day long based on your habitual thinking. …

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I came across multiple AHA moments from my life that’s left me with a lot to delve upon.

This is an extremely structured book with an organised approach to handhold you in your quest of life to become “extraordinary”. It has bundled multiple concepts in a package and provided very practical and simplistic ways to incorporate them in your life without much resistance.

The author relays his dialogues and conversations with many famous people, which are narrated interestingly and leave you with something to ponder on.

Key takeaways

1. Concept of the physical world…

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